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Hi, this is me, I am wife, Mum of one, and friend of many. I had my son at 40 which was a shock that turned into a joy. Our house is lively, there’s always people coming and going, mostly kids, but it’s keeping us young, or wearing us out, haven’t quite decided yet.

I do live in leafy Cheshire but my leaves are a little more trampled on.

I write about life, community and the things that affect us all. So sit down with your cuppa and have five minutes peace from the crazy world out there. x



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The Speakeasy #157 poem



You must include the following sentence as the FIRST line in your submission:

“Winter seemed reluctant to release its hold.”

Winter seemed reluctant to release its hold
the bitter harsh winds
with icy blasts of cold
the kids couldn’t play outside
the weather is too bad
so they’ve turned the house upside down
and it’s making me quite mad
there’s a den under the table
and sheets are on the floor
then they got the paints out
and there’s handprints up the door
all the crisps are eaten
and every glass is in the sink
constantly they raid the fridge
looking for food & drink
so i’m sitting waiting for springtime
and the breaking through of sun
some warmth upon the garden
and the kids have outdoor fun
they run around in happiness
give their energy a release
but the most important thing
I get a bit of peace.

My entry into The Speakeasy challenge, strange writing it on such a warm sunny day.

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